Who we are?

We are now 152 caring members who live around the world.
Each one of us pays ten euros per month.
We place purchase orders through Internet with Disco Supermarkets.
Disco carries the products to several charity organizations.

If you want to know more...

The "diezeuros.org" Association (RNA 169015, CIF G83271296) was founded in Madrid on February 10, 2002.
Its founding members were ten, as can be seen on the foundation proceedings.
You can view and print for yourself the statutes agreed upon in the first General Assembly of "diezeuros.org", as well as our institutional brochure and the sign-in form to become a member.

Who we help

We help to children's homes.
We currently help more than 25 charity organizations, reaching approximately 5,000 children.
Important: Your contribution will help us to add to other entities.

How we help

What we do is very simple: that aid canalized through supermarkets in Argentina that accept on-line purchase and payment by VISA International and the deliveries in these charity organizations.

How we use the money

Money is withdrawn from our account only to pay our monthly purchase orders to Disco Supermarkets through our Visa card.
This card has no other use. We do not have administrative expenses (other than those charged by our bank account or by the credit card). All the money reaches destination as products.